He cut very quickly to the chase and explained how he wanted to play, “I want to dive into the fantasy with you that you want me and will go home with me later. But it’s just going to be fantasy talk. I will never ask you to go home with me or perform any sexual favors. All I want is talk, make believe. I am happily married, and I do not want an affair, nor do I want to go beyond talking. Would you like to play tonight?” It was very easy to agree, easy to be attracted to the young, handsome, very intelligent, creative, good looking, and smart man. But it was more than just that. It was refreshing to meet one of the rare beings out there that understand the strip club and the profession of the stripper. We strippers are providing a service and each and every dancer has her boundaries. But Mr. Wonderful laid it out clean and clear and was willing to pay generously for my service. No strings attached. I had fun. Because when you know you’re safe (he understands you don’t want to meet him outside of the club, no emotional commitment, simple play that ends at the end of your shift) you can play even harder. These are the rare nights I live for, nights that give you hope about humanity, relationships, respect towards women, respect towards my profession as a stripper. May Mr. Wonderful be blessed for making my life and the life of my doggies a little simpler and better this week. 

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