I wouldn’t know if this syndrome exists in other parts of this country or the world, but I encounter this phenomena more and more frequently. Men seem to have lost the ability to assess compatibility with women. Seventy year old men think that a twenty year old girl is a good match for them. The heavily overweight guy, who can’t even take a walk around the block thinks the fitness instructor will lose her mind over his charm and jump in bed with him just because he’s cute. The at 40 years old, still living with mom, unemployed boy thinks the successful business woman will date him and provide him with money and sex. And while stuff like this might happen it presents the exception. But the Hollywood man thinks it’s the norm and gets depressed or angry when rejected while his delusional mind thinks he’s irresistible. How do these men think they can satisfy even just sexually a woman that is so much more powerful and vital then they are? And while I agree that sex is not the most important thing these men believe they are the embodiment of the sex Gods. They do not think it takes anything else but just them to attract the hottest women in the world. They seem completely removed from realty and are planning their wedding with the hot stripper forgetting they are already married.

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