We are regressing back to the middle ages where fat kings ruled and being over weight was a sign of health and wellness. Dictators or should I say Hiltlers like Kim Jon-un and Trump are setting a good example that the majority of the public will set a man in power who in a medical way presents disease, high heart attack risk, as well as lack of knowledge in regards to clean living. When you live truly clean you become thin and fit, but society has only judgment especially for thin women. We have become the portrait of unhealthy, and we are not what the modern man seeks. You need an Kardashian size ass, post yourself being a plus size supermodel on Instagram eating chips and fast food promoting unhealthy living, and jiggles and cellulite to get accepted as a worthy woman. Thin is out. Thin means boring. Fat means fun … because it is fun to eat chips and twinkies after you just pounded her supersized ass and why not top it off with a glass of cheap, GMO wine and a cigarette.
The fat actor is rising, the commercial industry is ruled by fat actors, and the public is being brain washed into believing fat is where it’s at. The pendulum has swung once more the complete other way. From being too thin to being too fat. But don’t you dare criticize a fat person, or suggest they change their life style. No body shaming please except of course if you shame that thin slut who is anorexic. We are once more failing to promote health and instead people are programmed that fat is desirable, child bearing, healthy, happy, fun, and normal. Nobody admits that the heart attack, the chronic inflammation, the premature death, the dementia is linked to a high inflammatory diet. If you want to be in get fat, but be careful you might not live long enough to enjoy your famed.

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