I have noticed that it is human nature to long for admiration despite being despicable. I am sure at some point in your life you had a lover who started sabotaging the relationship just when things seemed too good to be true. Often, we label this behavior as fear to commit. However, sometimes I find it to be wanting to be loved for who they are at their worst. The same happens with family gatherings, holiday celebrations, and even weekend getaways. Have you noticed there’s always someone ruining it or making things difficult. Often, that someone seeks attention and only knows how to get it with negative behavior. Often, this person wants proof that they are still loved despite behaving like a monster.
Same thing applies for despicable strip club customers. Many want to be assured that we love them no matter what. And we do. There’s a girl for every guy, even for the most despicable ones. In the club, we don’t try to change people. We take them for who they are. We understand change happens on a deep energetic and spiritual level and most aren’t ready for it. Sometimes acceptance is the best medicine for a despicable person.

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