If it doesn’t look good, if it causes a problem, if you aren’t happy with it modern medicine and modern lifestyle will find a way to get rid of it. Veins are removed to make hands look younger — surgeons claim you don’t need veins in your hands …however they might grow back once removed. Organs that give you trouble will be removed, fat will be sucked up, stomachs stapled, and balloons inserted into your stomach to make you eat less. There’s literally a quick fix for everything. If you don’t like it just get rid of it. Nobody has time or patience to try to look for the root of the problem, no one actually wants to deal with the issue instead elimination technique is applied. People think once it’s gone and you can’t see it anymore the problem is solved. 

And this kind of thinking translates to how we deal with trees, pets, unruly children, family members (especially the elderly), and friends. If it causes an inconvenience lets just get rid of it. But you can’t rid yourself of energies that easy. Eliminated trees, pets, or people will later in life resurface with consequences you might’ve never thought you would encounter. For example, if you happened to eliminate a family pet because it wasn’t good for the children you had later in life your children might eliminate you just like that because they feel you aren’t beneficial for their kids. Watch how you treat yourself, the environment, animals, and family members … Because karma IS a bitch! 

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