I wanna dance in a cage
To minimize my rage
Tonight I don’t want to listen
To your moaning and pissing
Your words fall on death ears
You keep drinking more beers
No tips not even cheers
You bitch like a queer
I can’t take anymore of your drool
I wanna drown you in a pool
Put me high in the air
Where they only can stare
You are a mouth jerker
I sweat blood as the silent twerker
Trying to squeeze blood from a dime
When I step on that stage every time
Just for a single dollar
You think I should listen to your squaller
I can’t take it anymore
I am not your therapy whore
I don’t want to hear about your wife, kids, or work
Keep it in your pants you jerk
Just go home
And leave me alone
I’d rather not dance anymore
Cause you are a cheap ass bore

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