Just like in any work environment you will encounter toxic people during a shift at the club. The common believe is that you attract people that are holding you the mirror or are there to teach you a lesson. This might be very well a part of the reason why you might find leaches attached to you. However, no matter how much work you put into yourself and how much you are trying to change and grow, toxic people will always be there, and they will always try to find an energetic host to feed on. So if you are the typical fixer or “energy-leech host,” how do you get rid of these toxic people? I find the most unattractive characteristic to an energy-leech is if you have entirely and completely accepted that you cannot change anybody or anyone. Accepting that there will be always toxic, energy sucking leeches out there is the best deterrent. Toxic people are instinctually very sensitive, and if they just even feel slightly that you are not going to try to fix them, rescue them, pull them out of the mud, spend your energy on them they will stay far away from you and look for another victim. You cannot change anybody, you cannot save anybody so you might as well just spend your precious energy on yourself and living in that energetic safe zone will keep the selfish energy-leeches far away from you. Acceptance can sometimes make bigger changes than any action you can possibly take. Accept the energy-leeches and focus on fixing yourself! Anything else is a waste of time and energy!

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