Poetry is like a dance. You feel it the moment you express it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you feel like this. The feeling can be in one corner of your heart, but it doesn’t necessarily dominate your life, how you feel every day, how you breathe every breath. But when you write, dance, or sing you allow this corner of your heart to unfold freely, fully, without censoring. Instead, you push it to the limit, you dive in deeper than deep, you push it to the max … this can be painful, joyful, funny … whatever you choose to express. It takes courage for the duration of your expression to go to that feeling, those emotions without fearing the consequence of this emotional adventure. Allowing or being able to command yourself to feel deeply and truthfully is art with a risk, because you never know how it will let you feel afterwards. And if you manage to make other people feel with your expression then you have created life within them, that is successful art. A truthful expression will move others but it might move you too … you never know how art will leave you …

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