If you are a woman, if you have a vagina, chances are that you have or will be assaulted by a man at some point in your life. Most of the time your abuser will be a man you know, possibly even very well. The media has uncovered that women from all walks of life are affected and more women are coming out daily, more schmucks are being fired, more men exposed.
As a stripper sexual assault is part of your job environment, in fact, society expects you to take the hit and shut up and go about your life as if this is what you deserve. It goes even further. If people who do not know that you dance for living find out that you work in adult entertaining the relationship with them will change. My relationship with a male yoga student will change very quickly if he happens to find out that I am a stripper. I have been asked after my secret profession was exposed if it was OK to kiss — I am their fitness instructor! Co-workers have text me inappropriate late night messages, and doctors have started to make sexual remarks as well as telling me details about their sexually non-cooperative wives while I was on their treatment table. Male behavior will suddenly change once they have a stripper in front of them. Female behavior changes too, but today I just choose to hit the guys. Men feel a deep connection to you once they know you are a sex worker. They think you understand them better and therefore they also feel you’re responsible for their lack of sexual fulfillment, especially if their wife or girlfriend isn’t game. They feel you owe them the release, they also think since you deal with men in the club on a “sexual” level, which in my opinion is incorrect because it is rather a “sensual” level than a “sexual” encounter, you should take care of their sexual urges as well. Nobody understands though that stripping is a profession. And when I am not at work I don’t want to work, similar to a mortician. When he’s not at work he’s not going to wash a corps’ ass and apply makeup to their dead face unless in a specific environment where he’s going to be paid for his work.
I have been asked by men and women many times, after it was revealed that I am a stripper, to do a lap dance for them outside of the club. They claimed that they preferred a well lid environment, or they didn’t like the atmosphere in strip clubs, or they preferred a free lap dance outside of the club, or they wanted me to prove to them that I like them so much that they are worthy of a free lap dance. Would they ever ask their doctor to make a free house visit, their dog walker to walk their dog for free, or their maid to clean the house  for free to prove her love for their family?
While we cannot prevent or eliminate the fact that women will always be victims of dicks, we cannot allow these assaults to affect or compromise our lives negatively. We cannot give our assaulter that much power. But we also cannot let them get away with it. We owe it to all the women out there to expose them and make them feel the consequences of their violations. We also need to learn — and I mean this in a positive way — to never at any circumstances let your stripper shield down. Wear it at work inside the club, but take it with you when you leave. Never strip down completely. Your stripper shield stays on!

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