I passed him with my pack of dogs as I saw him spray something onto the few weeds in his California natural garden. I asked him, “What are you spraying?” He said, “Well, I know its not good, but just a little. It’s roundup to kill the weeds.” I explained, “Do you know roundup will make you sick and even give you cancer. Why don’t you just bend over and pull out the weeds you don’t like?” Him very happy, “Well, I am fine, I already had cancer, and I am five years in remission.” I knew it was time to move on … a man who thinks he’s invincible because he survived one round of cancer is unteachable. So I said, “Well, stay healthy and eat well.” Him. “How about a nice grass fed steak?” I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut, and I said, “That sounds great … that way you get your fair share of roundup the poor cows ingested because our water supplies are contaminated! Bon appetit!”
See, I told you, karma is a bitch …

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