You remember those times when you would compromise and go out of your way for friends and especially for the man in your life. You would cater to them, try to make their life easy, you would jeperdize your own preferences, time, and even feelings. But it didn’t get you very far. You realized when offering the little finger quickly they would take your whole hand and take that for granted no matter how big the sacrifice was for you. 

But then there comes a point in you life — and for me the important strip club lessons certainly contributed to this — where you are not willing to compromise for anybody anymore except for the members of your circle of trust — which in my case are my four legged children. You don’t give a shit anymore, you do it on your own, you’re most of the time actually better off without a friend or partner. That’s when you turn into a bitch. You don’t take anybody’s shit anymore. You help yourself instead of others. You fuel your career instead of taking others to the top. You cook for yourself instead of cooking for someone who will never approve. You become entirely independent and you don’t long for a partner anymore, instead you rather realize that others slow you down. That’s when you are in 100% bitch mode. And you realize people start admiring you, desiring you, and they would even approve of a dried out turd for dinner if you would share it with them. 

Bitch mode will uplift you. Now you’re not just a princess anymore. You have risen to be a queen. 

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