He leaned in and whispered into my ear as the girl stepped on stage, “You know, this girl … she does her thing on stage. She’s good, you know, she’s like acting like she’s like super sexy and stuff. She pretends to like men … but it’s all a trick … just wait till you take her in that back room … it’s like torture …” I tried to explain, “There’s a girl for every guy. What might’ve not been invigorating to you might turn on another man. You can’t judge by the one dance you got from her.” Him, “Oh noooooo, she does this on purpose. She hates men … she doesn’t even like doing private dances. All she wants to do is be the star on stage.” I said, “Well, maybe she just didn’t have a connection with you. I think she’s a good dancer.” Him again, “Oh nooooo, she’s only good on stage … I told you it’s a trick … but wait till you take her in the back room. She will punish you for that and give this mechanical lap dance. You feel like she’s a robot who’s suppose to kill men with a lap dance … I never dance with her again …”
I will continue to be fascinated by men and how personally they take everything while we dancers cannot take anything personal that men do.

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