It was obvious that he was visiting the club frequently. He asked me in his foreign accent, “Which one of these girls is the porn star?” I replied, “I don’t think we have any porn stars working at this joint.” Him insisting, “Oh yeah, it’s this one, or that one? She told me but I forgot.” Me trying to explain, “We might have a porn actress here, but I don’t think any porn star would bother working here.” Him again, “Oh yeah, you will be surprised, the porn stars appreciate that extra income. They like it.” I gave it one more try, “I think if she would be a porn star she wouldn’t be dancing here tonight and rather suck Hugh Heffner’s dick right now.” Him again, “But she told me she’s a porn star. Which one of these two is it?” I gave in and up, “I don’t know which one is a porn star. But you should get her autograph.”

While porn stars do special events for their fans at strip clubs, they certainly wouldn’t work as a regular dancer on a weekly basis. But most of the times its best to let the customer be right …

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