I had done a reading for him in regards to his relationships, and he was showing me photos of different women, asking me, “Is it this one you saw? Is it this one? Is it you?”
Then he confessed, “Well, I fell into this relationship with this girl. I wasn’t so attracted but just fell into it. She called me one day and was upset because I hadn’t talked to her in over three months, and basically said I was fired … ha ha ha. I go through affectionate and the busy and can be neglecting especially when I am not 100% into them.”
He had never showed me a photo of the girl he just “fell into.” It didn’t even occur to him that she could’ve been the one. But because she wanted him, desired him, most likely loved him he just wasn’t that into her. Instead he was chasing after women that were unreachable. That’s what men do. They fall into relationships and don’t want what they can have. After “falling with their dick” into her vagina they realize that they are not that attracted after all. What he didn’t think about is that he broke that girl’s heart. She will never be the same after he fell into her! But no man thinks or fucks responsibly!

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