Dear married woman,

We strippers are no threat to you nor should you fear us. We do not want your husband, and we do want you to keep him. We only give him the space to dream, fantasize about being young, desirable, potent, a good lover, and everything else he’s not anymore or never was. We know your life with him isn’t easy. But please, do understand we are not against you, instead we work for you. Without us, your husband would live out his despicable sides much more often, have less patience and understanding for the kids, and he would most likely cheat on you with a poor woman who falls in love with him out of nativity or self-destruction — well, since you married him you will understand that issue. In truth, you owe us many thanks and much reimbursement for putting up with the disgusting sides of your hubby so he can continue to provide your white picked fence dream life and your brand new chic car we cannot afford.

Please understand we are women too that do the dirty work for you.


A.A. Jones

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