I saw him fiddling at the ATM. When he returned he delivered this endless explanation how he couldn’t get money out of the ATM, how he belonged to this family owned bank in Indiana, and how our ATM was broken. Blah. Any time a person delivers a too long explanation my red flag goes up. Then him, “Well, I can’t do dances since the ATM is broken, but how much for you to go back to the hotel with me.” Me, “I thought, you are broke?” Him, “Well, I’ll get money from another ATM. How much?” Me just thinking, I bet the other ATM is broken too. In fact, tonight all ATMs are broken. Me as I walk away, “Don’t come without cash to the strip club. It’ll just be a fail and disappointment for all parties involved.”
I walk up to this African American guy who was eyeballing me all night. Me, “Hey, want a private dance before the bar shuts down?” Him, “I got you baby. Let me get some money for you.” He fiddles at the ATM and comes back defeated, “The ATM is broken. I can’t get money out, but come sit with me and talk to me.” AAAAhhhhhhh I don’t want to talk. Private dance or nothin.
My manager happens to step onto the club floor. I ask him, “Is something wrong with the ATM?” Him, “No, the ATM is fine. I would know if it’s broken. Why?” Me without even being appalled or surprised, “Eh, these two guys claimed the ATM is broken. They are just lying.” My manager, “Yes, they are lying.” There was no surprise from both of us. I think if they would’ve told the truth we would’ve been rather surprised.
I still don’t understand why adults punish their kids when they lie. Seems like they should reward them. Now a days, everybody lies but most people suck at it. Why ask from kids what adults aren’t willing to do themselves?

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