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I had talked to this guy briefly, and it was very clear he was not going to spend a dime on me nor any other dancer, yet, he was watching the stage show with interest and wanted to know when it was my turn to go on. When I did go on stage I saw him salivate while I was getting ready to perform. Luckily, he stood at a place at the bar that if I was going to perform in front of one of the posts he was not be able to see anything. And so I did. I could see him try to get a peek at me, but by the time my dance was over I could see his disappointment because he had been so sure I was going to move around, and he would have been able to get turned on by my dance, yet, he was even to lazy to move past the post for a clear view. He had been so sure he would get a free show without any effort from his side. But NOT!

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