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He will never ask you to meet him outside of the club because he understands that the strip club is a unique form of sexy fun, exchange, entertainment, therapy, turn on, or many other things he might be looking for. You cannot really get outside of the club what you find inside the club. The boundary has to be clear, yet, most strip club visitors are “meet the stripper outside the club” hunters. And unfortunately, over the years, strippers have changed and given in more and more to this outside thing. Yet, if you ask me, the outside thing usually ruins it all. My tip to all of you gentleman: keep it in the club. Come as often as you wish. Stay in charge by visiting on your terms. And enjoy to the fullest understanding that what you get here is not offered anywhere else in the world, and therefore you should be happy to reimburse your stripper generously or strippers if you like to spread the love. Keep strip clubbing!

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