Attracted to Mr. Wrong? In love with Mrs. Bitch? Always choosing the same type of person you fall in love with and repeating the same pattern?
Conventional therapy believes this is all connected to your upbringing, childhood experiences, and your relationship to your parents, which is true for most of us. And while conventional therapy offers to help you recognize the problem — which is the first step to change — it still does not really help you change your patterns. Because conventional therapy stops with recognition of the problem and giving you tools so you can try to avoid it just like it does with any addiction.  Yet, the root of the problem is based on a neurological level that is ingrained into your brain. In order to change patterns or addiction you have to change the brain. Talking about “the problem” sometimes even ingrains it more into the brain and wires you even more towards your pattern or addiction — bad relationships are usually like an addiction. Therefore, the brain needs to be changed on a neurological level in order to be successful in changing your desire. I believe there’s such a big relapse rate after drug rehab because the brain itself was never addressed. Same with relationship patterns. Despite years and years in conventional therapy most people will repeat the pattern.
That’s where unconventional therapy comes in. Fogo Sagrado will make you recognize the problem, and you will be given the choice to change on a neuronal level if you desire. Not everybody chooses to do so, but the ones that do are highly successful.

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