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Attraction is rarely just based on just the physical aspect. I have observed over many years working in strip clubs as well as counseling couples outside of the club, and watching men and women react to each other in regular life like grocery stores, fitness centers, restaurants … I find the biggest component of attraction is energy. It’s not all about “good” energy, although, this seems to be common belief. For example, some men that visit the strip club look for dark energy, or weak energy, or unbalanced energy. So positive, strong and what the regular person would describe as “good” or “light” energy can be sometimes unattractive and even act like a deterrent.  It all depends on what the other person is looking for and which energetic hole they are trying to fill or strengthen. The classy, good girl doesn’t always win, nor does the good, rightful guy. Sometimes, energies even trick you. You think he’s the good guy, but his energetic demon is just a very good pretender or actor. And even if you recognize the “darkness” you might still be attracted to it, or not able to resist it even if your intellect tells you you should stay away from this person. It’s all not that simple when it comes to the energetic component and lessons we are trying to learn in life.

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