I just recently went to see an ophthalmologist for a stye eye. I personally do not like to go to Western doctors nor do I like to take my dogs to veterinarians because it’s always disappointment.
Well, what can I say. The staff was OK, and the eye doctor’s assistant who took the intake was OK too. I tried to explain to her that I was rather interested in a least invasive approach even if it would take longer for the stye to heal. I think she quickly understood that I was the “green eco gal” who wouldn’t want to take drugs. When finally The Doctor came in to talk to me he told me right away that I had a bad eye infection, and I needed an oral antibiotic. I told him I would not want to take the antibiotic unless my life depended on it, and I asked kindly to try a less invasive approach first. He wondered, “Why don’t you want to take an oral antibiotic.” Me, “Because of the gastrointestinal side effects, reoccurring yeast infections, and long term side effects of an oral antibiotic.” He raised his eyebrows as if he had forgotten that antibiotics are a drug with long term side effects. Then he came up with an idea, “I am going to give you a Z-Pack!” I had no idea what it is but I knew it was another form of antibiotics. So I told him, “Dr. ZPack, please, could we try a local antibiotic first. See if my eye improves, and if not I can still murder my intestinal flora with oral antibiotics.” Dr. ZPack understood quickly I wasn’t going to just do what the doctor ordered and agreed to try the local ointment but wrote me a prescription for both, local ointment and his favorite Z-Pack. He also made me buy an eyelid scrub for $30 which I found later on Amazon for $19, and warned me, “This will take 3-4 weeks to heal without the Z-Pack if it heals at all.” I felt my condition was serious and wondered if I would survive this incident.  He also made fun of me telling him I would apply warm black and green tea compresses to my eye saying, “You can drink the tea and just use water.” He was also surprised that I was using filtered water for the compresses till I told him the area I live in has chromium 6 in the water as well as Fluoride and Chloride which I prefer not to apply to my already unhealthy eye. He offered me to purchase a heat pack I could warm in the microwave instead, but when I told him I believe microwaves are dangerous to your health he admitted his wife just re-gifted theirs. Hmmmm, I have never used a microwave because I am aware of its dangers while a leading MD just starts to understand it could pose a health hazard, but he still seems oblivious to the fact that ingesting tap water is bad for you with its mind numbing nerve poisons like Fluoride and Chloride and a host of other elements I cannot even pronounce — check your local water report and you will be astounded.
My next step was the pharmacy where the two female, cross eyed pharmacists yelled at me for not wanting the Z-Pack and just filling the prescription for the eye ointment. Then they mistakenly wrote on the box of the ointment to apply it to both of my eyes once a day before bed time. I was surprised, “Into both eyes? I only have an infection on my right eye.” They fiddled around and whispered to each other and then the one pharmacist came back, “Oh no, no just apply into your right eye.” Upon reading the instruction of the ointment it said I could apply the ointment up to six times per day. The incompetence of the professionals involved is mind blowing.
I feel if the doctor won’t kill you the pharmacist will for sure.
Imagine if I wouldn’t be as aware and as self-taught when it comes to health I would’ve used this medication wrongly, not gotten the results desired, and would’ve ended up over-medicated on that damn Z-Pack. And maybe, for a regular person who believes in Western medicine and pops antibiotics like candy the local ointment would’ve not worked since the bacteria get resistant to antibiotics and mutates.
In my case, with the ointment, Chinese Herbs as well as Homeopathic remedies my eye was fully recovered within 5 days, and I am very grateful about it, yet, it is another lesson to be very careful when you do end up having to go to a Western doctor. It seems they over-prescribe and reach right away for a hammer tactic instead of trying the least invasive approach first. Question is, do they not know better or are they gold diggers? Because everybody seems to be trying to make a buck!

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