It seems to be difficult for most people to separate the club experience from the outside world. Most men think that the club inhibits us dancers from doing what we really want to do, because we are bound to the law and strict rules and regulations. Meaning, that if we would be able to kiss a guy in the lap dance booth we would — it’s just the law holding us back. Or if touching wouldn’t be prohibited then we would beg the person we dance for to run their hands — often dirty, germ infested hands — all over our bodies, boobs, and vaginas. Or if we could take all of our clothes off we would tear them off because we want to be naked. That’s why people, not just men, try to get us to meet them outside of the club because they think then we can fully outlive who we want to be. This is a false perception. The law, the rules and regulations protect us dancers — not enough but they do offer a security blanket. If a girl dances in a bikini bar versa a fully nude club it’s because she chooses to do so. We do not want to be touched, kissed, or have sex when we do a lap dance. We want to do a lap dance and a lap dance only!

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