An entire group of men stormed into the club and a few of them took a seat at the railing. It was the beginning of the shift and most girls weren’t ready to go up on stage yet. The DJ asked us to hurry up, and I was on stage within seconds. The bearded man next to a bald guy told me proudly, “He’s our bachelor. He’s getting married next week.” A bachelor party! Just a few seconds into my performance the bachelor smacked my ass as if this is what you naturally do when you see a derriere you like. I bend down to him and told him, “Don’t ever do this again. Touching the dancers is against the law.” Him laughing, “Oh, I didn’t know that ha ha ha.” Me, “Plus you just degraded me. What gives you the right to smack my ass?” Him, “I thought you wanted it.” Me, “What made you think I wanted it.” Mr. AssSmacker had no answer for that. I explained, “I am an entertainer, and no one smacks my ass.” Bearded friend next to him started whining, “I am really embarrassed. You make us feel uncomfortable. We tipped you. ” Me, “Oh, so you think the few dollar bills you left on stage for me justify the ass smacking and makes it OK?” Bearded guy stuttering, “Ahhh, eehhhh, ooohhhh, nnnnn…nooo…” He really wanted to say yes. Then he continued, “You make us feel uncomfortable. We are going to leave.” I make them feel uncomfortable? Who violated who?
Many people feel entitled — men as well as women. They treat us like we are a petting zoo. They think a stripper wants to be touched, smacked, licked, kissed … I don’t know were they get the idea from. They know not what they do.

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