You think she’s just dumb
But she has chosen to go numb
Flipping her switch
Makes her look like a bitch
Without turning herself off pretending she’s tough
Things would just get inside of her and make it too rough
And when she puts on her high heels
She can make herself believe she won’t feel
She’s dancing on sore feet
Nobody can see her heart does bleed
She’s learned that strippers don’t cry
Instead she’ll tell you she’s high
But that’s a lie
She’s hurting and wishes she could die
She quakes her booty
Often comes across as moody
Climbs the pole like a cat
Her heart inside her chest is fat
Stuffed with black holes and regrets
Wishes she could do it all over
Counting frantically the leafs of clover
Hoping to find one with four
No matter how much money she makes she feels poor
Stripped down to her bare skin
Holding hope for change seems like a sin
Trying to believe in God
She only finds luck in her dog
Only once she breaks her heart
When her times runs out and dog must part
So the cycle will repeat
Till she follows her cold nose and soft feet

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Or watch http://vimeo.com/59749732

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