Most women worry about love, about men, about finding the right man, or leaving the wrong men. Maybe, because of the work in the club my worries have shifted. Or maybe, this happens when you get older, more mature.
I love men, they are fun, but they do not present a worry anymore. I used to worry too, but now a days my heartaches have shifted. Finding the one is noting I believe in. There can be many who could be the one. Yet, it seems the one would not make my life much different.
I wouldn’t want to live without men. They are fun, silly, entertaining … but I would never let my life depend on them. They are dessert, but you only have dessert after a wholesome meal — that’s how I was raised.
Maybe, it’s because I work as a stripper. Maybe, it’s because the strip club changes you. Or maybe, it happens when you get older, or when you fall in love with your life and yourself. Or maybe, it changes you when part of what makes your life moves on. Maybe …

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