We had had a very good night together. We danced, talked about his relationship he was in, and I had helped him to get insight into the female world to understand how his woman was seeing things. He had had a few too many drinks, and when I took the stage Emma wanted to snatch a piece of him and get as much money out of him as she could. I didn’t like it but it’s always the customer’s prerogative who he does dances with. He had been very generous to me, and you have to let a man go when he chooses to. After three dances, he returned to the bar and took a seat next to me. I could see something was wrong. I asked him, “Are you OK? Did you have a good time?” He explained, “I had a wonderful time with you. You made me feel very special and helped me figure out some things. But I made a mistake. I danced with Emma. She yelled at me and was very rude.” He started crying. I felt very bad for him. I felt, even in the strip club he had repeated his old pattern of choosing abusive women. He couldn’t just stick with me, be happy, and feel good. He had to ruin it for himself and get his ass beat by a girl who plays the abusive Dominatrix.
My tip to you, if you have a good time with your stripper stick to her. Don’t switch strippers just because you can and feel you’re missing out on something, or you have the power to do so.

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