Yesterday, I did not acknowledge Father’s Day! But many thoughts ran through my mind about all the fathers I have encountered during my career as a stripper. None of them ever thought that their daughter could possibly, one day, end up in the strip club. But she could. She could because she might be a rebel or thinks out of the box, or because her father doesn’t want to pay for her college education. Or because her father always told her that strippers are low life’s, and she is too curious and wants to find out for herself. Or because her father paid for everything she ever needed even paid for people to pretend to be her friends. Or, because she saw her dad treat her mother the way she thinks strippers are suppose to be treated. Or, simply because her father would go to strip clubs, treat the dancers poorly, slap their asses on stage, not tip them, or even stiff them — and sometimes, karma gets you through the back door.
So for all of you dads out there. Next time you visit the strip club, don’t forget that soon your daughter might deal with a man like you. Soon she might be taking the stage in a seedy club trying to erase your karma. Don’t forget, the next time you feel we aren’t worth being tipped on stage, that your daughter one day might have to dance for free because some dad thinks she’s just a stupid stripper.

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