He was convinced, “Once I get the vasectomy my wife will want to have sex with me more often.” They had one child and didn’t want more kids. He told me his wife had no sexual desire. He also backed it up telling me it was normal that women’s sex drive decreases after having babies. Many married men report to me about the lack of sexual desire from their wives after they have had kids, and many married men think they can get a quick fix by getting snipped.
In my opinion, a vasectomy might only increase the sex drive in a marriage if the woman is truly terrified of pregnancy and other birth control like using condoms aren’t an option — for whatever reason. But if she’s not into you anymore, has more important things to take care of, or realizes that sex turns you into a dope head … then a vasectomy won’t do anything except maybe decrease the husband’s sex drive as well, which might improve the marriage if he’s OK with being friends for life.
Many single mothers seem to enjoy sex very much so. Maybe it’s not that having babies quenches a woman’s desire for sex. Maybe it’s the set up of the Western marriage model, and the fact that you really see who your partner is especially after going through pregnancy, having kids, and experiencing how your spouse deals with life challenges that makes you want to keep your legs crossed.
Once chemistry is gone not even ten vasectomies can bring it back. It’s a done deal. Shaving your balls, getting your vas deferens clamped, losing weight nor getting a hair cut is going to restore it. What you should try to do is prevent the chemistry from being destroyed. Prevention is the key, but that’s a whole other blog post.

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