The trick to maintaining youth and longevity is to do everything in moderation. The club calls you every night. But it is important to pace yourself. It is important to understand that you cannot push your body to the limit. Like in every profession, in order to be successful, you need structure, discipline, and self-awareness. If you push yourself over the limit you become vulnerable, and the body demands compensation. Often, energetic depletion will demand for food, yet, if you choose the wrong foods you will deplete yourself further. Physical depletion demands for sleep. You cannot underestimate the importance of restful sleep. Mental depletion demands for meditation or call it being with yourself.
If you think you have not enough time to give the body what it needs, stop social media, texting, and unnecessary talking. People spend way too much time doing useless activities. It is important to understand that only meaningful communication is valuable. Cut the crap out of your life and you will have plenty of time to eat right, sleep enough and well, and spend time to nurture yourself by recharging through quiet time or mediation in motion.

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