He said to me, “Just thinking about you makes me want to eat better. I am drinking smoothies with celery, arugula, zucchini, banana, cherries, and three types of berries. My dinner last night was collard greens, vegetable mix, and chicken curry.”
I have triggered many people to attempt positive changes in their lives. People have stopped drinking alcohol for me, stopped smoking because they met me, started exercising vigorously, and even adopted a dog. While I think it’s sweet to inspire, I know better. My sober alcoholics relapsed, the exercising only lasted a few weeks, and the poor dogs ended up back at the shelter. You cannot change for others. You have to change for yourself. So I said to him, “You should think about yourself when you want to eat better. Because you’re worth it!” The one thing in life you should be most passionate about is yourself and your health.

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