The young dancer was obviously very nervous to audition at my club. She didn’t look so good, to be honest. I could see it through the red light. When I passed her she almost clung to me. She had all these questions about my club. I assured her, “Honey, trust me, this club is the best club in the world. I love working here.” She still didn’t look so good, and finally, she revealed to me why, “I haven’t eaten all day, I am starving. I feel Like I am going to throw up and fall over.” Me, “Why would you do that?” Her, “Well, you know, I wanted to look as good as I can. That’s why I went on a fast all day today. It’ll show when I take the stage! I want to have slim belly.”
I always believe, as a performer, you need to do what works best for you to feel that you look and feel your best. But she did not look her best, and she obviously didn’t feel her best either. And when it comes to the circumference of your body a one day fast will not make a difference at all in your looks. But mindful eating throughout your entire life sure will.

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