He was $25 short when we were done with our dances. I told the older gentleman, “You will have to go to the ATM to pay me.” As we walked out of the lap dance booth he said to me, “I will be back in ten minutes.” Some men don’t like using the ATM in the club, but once they walk out of the club you will most likely never see them again. I looked him in the eyes as he walked out and said, “You’ll never come back.” Being stiffed for $25 is nothing. You brush it off and bless the money you made. I didn’t waste much time to dwell on my loss and kept working the floor.
Ten minutes later I saw the older gentleman walk back into the club looking for me. I walked up to him in disbelieve. He reached for his wallet and paid me the money he owed me. I was baffled and said, “Thank you for making me believe in humanity again.” He said, “I am a lawyer, and I try to do the right thing. I know you thought you would never see me again. I had a good time with you. Good night.” And he walked back out.
That night I thanked God for the money I made and for the wonderful experience I was granted.
My readers tell me they want to hear more positive stories about the strip club. They want to hear when men do it right. And I promise I will always report when there are good things happening. Because every dancer wants positive experiences, and it lifts up our spirit when we meet people that make us believe again in the good and rightfulness.
This week was very special …

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