It was end of shift, and I was just hanging out at the bar as he pushed himself in front of me. He was drunk, spitting and drooling as he spoke, “Let me tell you something very important. If you want to be successful in this business you need to make a guy make him feel like you want to fuck him. ” I turned away and wanted to get away from him. I knew right away this man functions on a very unappealing, low vibration. He’s not for me. He blocked my way and continued slurping his words almost yelling at me, “You need to tell him that you want his cock inside your vagina and give him the feeling you will go home with him.” I have never run my business that way. My regular customers know that I do not go home with them nor engage into any sexual activities with them. I am a dancer and very proud to be a dancer. There is no point in discussing anything with drunk people. You can’t really teach or tell them anything. When alcohol takes effect they are even more delusional and delirious. I wanted to get away from this drunken fool and just said, “Such promises would be illegal, it’s soliciting, and I don’t run my business like this. “Him holding me back from walking away, “Then you’re not making any money.” Me, “Sir, please step out of my way. I am a very successful stripper for over 7 years now. I hope you get what you want here but it won’t be from me. Good night.” As I walked away he screamed in his drunken voice after me, “And I go to strip club for over 21 years. You should really take my advice …”

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