There are many reasons for men to refuse a lap dance. For example they are not into you and prefer another girl, or they just like to see the performers on stage and understand that they will need to reimburse the dancers for their hard work. But then there is the type who cannot get a lap dance because him and his wife just had a baby. He cannot do it out of ethical reasons, he can also not tip the dancers on stage, although, he’s sitting at the front of the railing. But then there happens the tilt. A wonderful and sweet friend of Mr. WeJustHadABaby pays for the lap dance for the freshly fathered man. He was salivating all night long over me, and his lovely friend finally couldn’t take it anymore. Without any hesitation Mr. WeJustHadABaby literally runs after me into the lap dance booth. Before our song begins his clammy hands already grope my delicious derriere. Baby not a problem here. I explain, “Touching the dancers is not allowed. Please keep your hands on the bench.” He has difficulties following my instructions, and I need to keep reprimanding him. Baby still not an issue. He moans and groans … As our song comes to an end he yells at me, “Give me more of that ass!” I ask politely, “Oh, you want a second dance? Well, your friend paid for this one, but if you want to continue you need to pay for the next dancer yourself. ” Him yelling again, “Give me more of that ass.” Me, “You want more of my ass then I need you to pay me right now for an additional dance.” Him, “I have no cash on me. My friend can pay you.” I say to him, “No, your friend was very generous, if you want another dance you pay yourself.” Him, “I just had a baby.” A now the baby is involved. Me, “Then go home to your wife and the baby and grope your wife’s ass.” Him, “Yeah, I know I am cheap but I am fun.” He wasn’t fun. His friend was, and I would’ve enjoyed his friends company much more. One dance for Mr. IJustHadABaby is plenty.

I hear the excuse, “We just had a baby” from men all the time. And I get it. But if you just had a baby don’t come to the strip club if it doesn’t feel right. Looking and salivating without tipping the dancers is worse than looking, salivating and paying. Being a cheap ass won’t justify your strip club visit. You think looking without paying is OK then go and find some free online porn. In case your wife finds your porn online history and happens not to like it you can easily justify, “It was for free!” Enjoy!

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