When I stepped on stage I recognized him right away. Last time he had visited we had spent a long time together, and we had had a great time. I smiled at him and said, “It is wonderful seeing you.” He nodded. I was excited to dance for him and his friend. They tipped me generously. When I finished my performance I asked him if he wanted a private dance. He said, “Maybe I will do that.” Maybe to me means he hasn’t made up his mind. I won’t push further. When I stepped off stage a young fella approached me right away and asked me for a private dance. As I was dancing for the young fella Mr. MaybeLapDance walked with another girl into the lap dance booth. She was a very different body type, and I thought, ‘Oh maybe he’s not as into me as I thought.’ I didn’t think much more since I was busy with the young fella. I spend a long time in the lap dance booth and saw Mr. MaybeLapDance do one dance with almost every girl in the club. Some men like to share the love and that’s quiet OK. When I stepped out of the booth one of the younger dancers said to me, ” Wow, you’re doing a lot of dances tonight.” I asked her, “Did you get any dances tonight?” She said, “No, not a single one.” Me, “Go talk to Mr. MaybeLapDance. He seems to like dancing with all different girls. He will do a dance with you.” I saw that she couldn’t close the deal with him so I came to help. We ended up doing a double dance for Mr. MaybeLapDance. Then I went back to my young fella. At the end of the shift Mr. MaybeLapDance agreed to another double with me and the other young dancers. It was the last dance of the night. When we came out of the lap dance booth his friend told me, “Mr. MaybeLapDance came specifically to the club to see you. He told me how great you are. He couldn’t stop talking about you. I hope you took good care of him?” I was surprised, “Well, I didn’t really spent much time with your friend. He was too occupied and busy with other girls. I wish I would’ve known he was into me.”
It is strange to me how some men communicate confusingly. Mr. MaybeLapDance came across like he just liked different girls, yet, he was possibly just spying on me in the lap dance booth or trying to make me jealous. I had scenarios like this happening with other guys before. Strippers are not always mind readers. If you come to see a specific girl don’t act like “maybe …”

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