Our paths had crossed for many years every night when we would walk our dogs. I was out with my pack, and he was out with his wife and dog. Out of courtesy we would move out of each others way to give the other dog the right forward. They were an old couple with an old dog. One day, I saw the old man only walk his dog. His wife wasn’t with him anymore. And today, I ran into him with my dogs. He was alone. No wife, no dog. I asked him, “Where is your dog?” He pointed to heaven. I asked him, “Where is your wife?” He pointed again to heaven. His wife had passed last year in June and his dog had followed shortly. We talked, and the old men told me a wonderful story. He said, “My wife was so much more than my wife to me. She was my friend as well, my soulmate, and sometimes, she was even my mother. She had to be. I was married for 46 years, and I only had eyes for my wife and my dog. And I was happy. And I am still happy because I had what’s most important: I was loved! I am lucky.” What he shared with me drove tears into my eyes. Most people don’t have what this man had. Or if they have it, if they are loved, they don’t even understand what treasure that truly is. I had not much comfort to give to him. I just told him what I know, “One day, when you are ready, your wife and dog will be there to pick you up and help you cross over.” He replied, “I am looking forward to it, but for now, I still have some things to do on this planet. Last week, I bought this guy a new pair of shoes and six pair of socks with it. He’s happy now!” The man was full of love. He had been loved his entire life, and he was giving love and making the world a better place. His wife’s and dog’s life and his life are full of purpose.

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