Guy walks into the club at the beginning of my shift. There’s nobody on the floor yet except the bar tender and me. The guy turns around wildly as if he’s haunted by something dangerous. Then he yells at the bar tender, “Where is everybody?” She answers quietly and friendly, “We just opened. Give it a few minutes and there will be plenty of girls on the floor.” Him continuing to display confused and severely irritated behavior, like he’s terrified. Then he yells even louder as he runs out the door, “Good luck!”
The young bar tender looks at me in disbelieve, “What was that?” Me, “He was freaked out by his own creepiness! Some people need a constant diversion and distraction from themselves. But when they are left, even for just a few seconds, to deal with themselves they get scared and try to run away. Problem is you can’t run away from yourself.”

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