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The first time I had met him at the club he was pretty generous. He had come in towards the end of the shift, and we did a total of nine private dances. After the dances, before he took off, he had given me his phone number and urged me to call him. He thought I was so wonderful, special, and he promised to take me on a wonderful date. He also said strip clubs weren’t his thing at all, and he would never come back — they all say that and try to threaten you, like something bad will happen to your life if you don’t see them again. I had been pretty clear that I wouldn’t call him, but men never believe us, especially not when we tell the truth, because they only hear what they want to hear. Men don’t understand that even if we have a great time with them at the club it doesn’t mean that we want to extend that good time outside of the club.
The next time he came back to the club on my night, he had brought two buddies with him. He was delighted to see me and acted like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. He was surprised I remembered his name, sign, where he works, and some other things he had told me. He made a big deal out of being at my club on my night, “I didn’t know you would be here. I had no idea you would work tonight. I just wanted to have a good time with my buddies, so we came here. I had no idea you work tonight.” Clearly he was lying otherwise he would’ve not even mentioned it or just been surprised to see me. When people make a big story out of something insignificant you know right away they are full of shit. But whatever. His friends and him ordered a few drinks, and this time, he never asked me if I wanted a drink, but he paid for his friends drinks. When I asked him if he wanted a private dance he made another big deal out of it, “I am hesitant. I don’t like strip clubs at all. In fact, I will stop coming here. I can’t afford it. It’s too expensive. I need to send money to my dad. I need to save money and shouldn’t waste it on this here.” They ordered another round of drinks, and he paid again for his buddies’ booze as well. Then one of his friends pointed to Diane and said, “I want a dance with her.” Mr. SendDADDY$$ called Diane over and reached into his wallet and paid for a dance for his friend with Diane. I stood up and excused myself. I had seen enough of this rude monkey theater and staying longer would’ve been a waste of my time. Mr. SendDADDY$$ jumped up surprised that I was already leaving and asked me, “Do you still have my phone number?” I nodded. Him, “You should really call me. Otherwise, you will never see me again!”
I am hoping desperately I will never see this imbecile again. Clearly, he wanted to show me that he was very generous with his friends but doesn’t have money for me as a stripper but possibly would treat me generously on a personal date — if sex was guaranteed afterwards.
If you can’t afford me as a stripper, you cannot afford me as a woman. And FYI guys, these tricks don’t work with a smart woman and they are just a turn off. You might get away with this shit on Tinder, but let me tell you we strippers aren’t idiots!

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