Mr. StripperSense and I had discussed French men many times. But this time, he had brought it to an important point, “There seems to be a big French contradiction. All the French men you have met so far seem to be very similar, cheap, arrogant, and they think they will get laid for sure. Maybe they think women can’t resist them because the French are convinced they are the best lovers.” I topped it off, “Yeah, and each and every French man I have ever met thinks only the French know how to kiss. They all say, ‘The Amerrrrrrican men cannot even kiss.’ I wonder how they know? Did they all kiss American men to find out!?!” I am not saying that all French men are cheap ass arrogant fuckers. But the ones I met sure are. They thought just because, “I am French!” I will tear their clothes off and jump their bones. But NOT! Just their attitude is too unattractive. You’re afraid to even shake hands with them :-p

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