Guy from India walks into the club. He orders a coke with no ice, like all of them do. I know, I won’t make a single dollar off of him, but I can’t resist to talk to him for a minute. When I sit down and introduce myself he confirms he’s from India and gives himself a fake name after one of the most high quality appliances “Bosch!” Then he brags about his profession. He says he’s an engineer, and he’s such a genius that he’s paid to travel all over the world to help large companies. He just came from Texas to LA. He has just proven to me that he’s rich and powerful. They all do that!
When I get off stage he gets frisky. In his Indian accent, “You’re so beautiful.You have the perfect body.”
I cut right to the chase, “Would you like a private dance?” And here he gives me the Indian formula, “What are my options?” I have expected his inappropriate response. All the Indian guys think they can have sex here for $2.50. I am not being racist or prejudice. I am not saying all men from India are cheap and engage into prostitution. What I am saying is that all Indian men who visit strip clubs are cheap and want to have sex for pennies. It’s a cultural thing.
I line it out for him, my clear business deal, “You have three options: One, you can do a few dances with me. $20 per dance. Two, you can leave. Three, we can both go to jail engaging into prostitution and since I am not interested in a jail visit, three is not an option with me! Good night!”

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