Dear beloved strip club customers — men as well as women!!

Please spare us your analysis about our performance on stage or in the lap dance room. We know you mean well when you tell us, “You did really well,” or, “You are so talented. You actually can dance.” You are not qualified to judge us nor should any stripper be judged on her performance. What you might like, what turns you on, what you think is good might not work for some other customer. You are not in the Stripper Olympics judging comity when you enter the strip club. You are simply a customer who should sit back and enjoy the show.
We also do not need you to boost our confidence — not all strippers are battered women with low self-esteem. If you like what you see, if you get turned on, if we arouse you, make you laugh, or inspire you to give pole dancing a try … if you feel something, or if you justed watched the show, shut up and pay us in dollars, just like you would for any show you attend whether you liked it or not — you don’t get your money back when you went to the movies and didn’t like the commercials or the show!).
Your unqualified blabber will not feed our families nor improve our lives, but your fair contribution will. We are entertainers, and if you watch you need to pay!


A.A. Jones

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