Her text came rushing in with urgency behind it, “How do dancers make money? With so many girls working in one shift?” The young girl had just worked her first shift at a strip club. I replied, “Ha ha ha. Yeah, it takes skill.” Her confused, “It was hard to make money. I thought this industry had a lot of money to be made.” I explained, “Very few make money, very few survive more than two weeks. Stripping is one of the hardest I know, that’s why I feel it’s so wrong and rude to look down on us, the ones that make it work and kick ass.”

It was a wake-up call for her. Everybody thinks the money falls from the shy for us strippers like in “The Star Talers,” a German fairy tale written by Brother Grimm. But there’s no Star Money in the strip club. Stripping is hard labor, takes lots of skill and expertise.

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