Stripping means more than taking your clothes off. You get inside people’s brains that you build a relationship with more than when you have friendships outside of the club. You are the half naked therapist whose opinion isn’t appreciated but they still want it. People want to talk. They tell you things they wouldn’t even tell their therapist. They talk about their physical, spiritual, sexual, emotional issues. Addictions are revealed, and the worst comes out because not very many are afraid of the judgement of a stripper. People have even discussed their therapists with me, their experiences in support groups, the medical and physical treatments they have received. People, Western medicine, conventional therapy think that talking helps. People believe they can talk themselves out of pain. They think talking about it makes them work through it, and they believe it’s healing. People beg for this type of interaction, they pay a lot of money for it, they think once they have said and explained everything they will feel better. But they don’t. They feel better for a second because they let one turd out but another emotional turd will form shortly. Talking will not resolve anything, in fact, talking might even make it worse because some people talk themselves into a frenzy and a minor, insect size issue will soon has been talked into an elephant size problem.
What modern medicine and conventional therapy do not understand is that if you don’t address mental as well as physical issues on a neurological level, all the talking, medicating, and treating is useless, and no change will be achieved. The key to change and permanent healing is the brain. If you don’t change the neurons in the brain all that talking will just create more verbal diarrhea and vomit!

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