Most people look down on hookers. They seem to be at the bottom of the ladder of all of professions. Sex workers followed by it. We are society’s shame, and we don’t dare to reveal what we do for living or how we supplement our income. Imagine, if you are a doctor or a lawyer, you would never admit that you work a few days a week at Jack in the Box to make ends meet. It’s the same with me working as a stripper, sex worker, call it whatever you want. Any time, someone out of my “regular life” has found out what I do to make ends meet their behavior has changed. My credibility as a dog behaviorist, fitness instructor, and often as a friend changes rapidly after the reveal.
But in the end, you too are a slut! You trade precious lifetime for Egyptian cotton — yes that’s those green, magic bills you are trying to accumulate as many as possible, and you cannot ever get enough of them. You’re hooking for your boss, your own company, you’re selling yourself for money. But even if you are retired you are still someone’s bitch. Maybe your spouse’s, or your children’s, or even your grandchildren’s. It’s all about being rewarded for your effort. Even if you go to the gym and pump some iron, you’re still looking for the reward, the gratification.
And there’s really nothing wrong with being a prostitute. Remember though, every successful prostitute is fully in charge of her business, the conditions, rules, payment … Otherwise it’s called human trafficking! Nothing’s wrong with proper slut work! In fact, it’s an art and takes much skill!

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Or watch http://vimeo.com/59749732

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