I want to give a special shout out the my favorite customers, our young Marines. Any time, they visit the club it is just a pleasure. These young men are polite, respectful toward women, they thank you for your dancing, and I have not met one Marine yet in my long career as a stripper that hasn’t been a pleasure to spend time with. Often, they don’t want you to know they are Marines. They think you would judge them in a negative way, but often, because of their gentleman like behavior I figure it out eventually, and once the secret is out they tell you a little bit more about their lives and the work they do. How they get through the tough training, and what goes on in their minds when on a mission. I love my young Marines. May they be blessed, stay safe, and may they find love, happiness, and peace when they are done serving their country.

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  1. nice ,love to hear more positiv customer stories , not only what is wrong us men :-). What make you glow

    • Hoping to get more positive stories to write but since it’s based on the truth so far not much glowing, but the Marines are delightful.

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