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We have them all the time: the big shot producers that come and visit! This type of customers brags all night long about his success as a producer, the projects he has pulled of the ground, and the irons he has in the fire. He’s rich!!!!! Ehhhh he says he’s rich! This type will rarely give you a penny. He won’t tip you on stage, nor will he do dances. Instead he will lecture you, “I’d rather get a dance from you outside of the club. I am smart, because I am a producer. Give me your phone number, and I will take you to dinner, and take care of you outside of this place. You can eat all you want.” Yup, I am sure this guy will take me to the all you can eat buffet to make sure it’s going to not get too expensive. Then he will expect at least a blow job in return, because he’s is a producer, sperm producer that is!

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