While there’s is two different types of LoveSpreaders the one that’s in it for the power game is the more interesting one to look at. This is the ugly, in regular life often bypassed guy who stays mostly unnoticed by women. He has usually a huge complex about his appearance. He can have the short guy complex, or a sexual performance issue (he knows he sucks as a lover!), or he can just know that he’s socially inept. He’s on one hand or the other a weirdo, and he comes into the club to prove that he can have any girl he wants to have. He will run in and out of the lap dance room to do one dance with each girl (not to find the girl he likes the best …we have that type too) and will command and demand girls to dance for him. He will not wait till we ask him to dance with us — instead he will take charge since this is the only place where he won’t be rejected. At least, that’s what he thinks. In the end, this guy is in it for his power fix. He walks out of the club feeling like he never feels in the regular world: like the Gigolo who is swarmed by women. We know already most men are delusional, and it’s the only way for them to deal with life, and Mr. LoveSpreader is the perfect example for that. This type though is somehow degrading and rude in the way he acts and executes his mission, possibly due to his subconscious fear of rejections. He’s no fun to dance for because he’s not even in it for the dance just for the fact that he can have you. Oh well, this type is not a problem at all since he only does one dance with every girl, and as a pro you can get through one dance easily without any harm. You just have to be careful you don’t fall asleep while dancing for him because he’s so not there. He’s already hunting for his next girl!

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