Every man who thinks he’s different as in better than other men is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Being convinced that you are better, that you are treating women different than other men makes you the unaware predator that feels entitled and has earned privileges in regards to women. Since you respect women, treat them right, and don’t see them as a sex objects you’re going to be unaware when your “ordinary” man breaks lose and does exactly what you’re convinced you would never do. Often, abuse happens out of oblivion. The abuser has no idea nor intend to abuse. Any man who thinks he can bypass his manhood is much more dangerous than the Neanderthal who doesn’t mask his urges. 

To be very honest, I have met and talked to thousands of men from all walks of life in all sorts of relationship combinations, and I have not met one that’s “different” in the way Mr. Different likes to think of himself — unless of course he’s gay and hunts after men not women. Although, they all displayed unique character traits, in the end, when it comes to women, they are all the same and want the same: pussy! Some are willing to do more for it than others but it comes down to the basics. 

Fact is, all men have a dick and are ruled by dick. Best to admit it, be aware of it, and learn how to handle it instead of hiding behind the self-created different/better man. 

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