In my opinion, women have become far too tolerant when it comes to male behavior on a date. I blame partially on emancipation, and partially  on women’s desperation for getting laid. Fact is, in the USA — possibly around the world — women aren’t getting sexually properly satisfy. Maybe, women have never been served right when it comes to sex, but the continuous decline of male testosterone could be contributing to the widespread sex desperation and aggressive behavior of the female kind. Now a days, the modern male is perfectly happy with once a month mediocre sex, in fact, more will most likely overwhelm him. Depression, being overwhelmed by his job, redirecting sexual stamina into video games, porn, as well as numbing TV, and the preference to smoke a relaxing joint or drink a cold beer that will quench the thirst for sexual interaction as well are common ways in the domesticated male to make sure sex is just not that important anymore. While the act of sex is often too exhausting men still want to dream about they could have sex. I think that’s why they date. But due to the change in male drive and a significant shift in his primal wiring dates aren’t really dates anymore.
Instead, of showing a woman that he could be a good provider (which women look for subconsciously since it is ingrained into our DNA) the modern male has become cheaper and more cost efficient than ever. And women take it, except strippers. We do not compromise when it comes to your wallet. We know if you cannot pay, you eventually cannot fuck us right either. And whats the point having a poor fish at the end of the line that won’t be able to treat us well and stand up for his manlyhood in bed.
With the average woman splitting the bill might work, and the sentence, “Let’s share some dishes,” might come across romantic. But with a high caliber woman sharing outs a cheap date and a lazy fuck as well.
If you’re still trying to date a high quality stripper pay the bill in full and don’t ever stick your fork into her dish so you can get a bite of hers for free!

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