Some men, mostly married men, are perfectly happy with an online affair. It has happened many times to me that I meet a man from out of town just once in the strip club, and he thinks we are now in a romantic relationship. These guys are mostly married, but soldiers, or men that travel to other continents frequently are good candidates for this type of relationship as well.
This type of man builds instantly an obsession with you. He emails extensive reports about his day, shares the books he reads, the activities he attends, and tries to involve you into his life. This man is usually sexually involved with another woman or several other women, or he is the sex starved husband. The sex starved husband is most susceptible for this type of relationship and many of them have a deep desire for it. This man will email you several times a day, tell you how much he misses you, tell you how he wishes you were here with him … it is fascinating. He doesn’t know me at all, yet, he thinks I am his perfect mate and he waits for me to say I miss him too, which I won’t. How can I miss something or someone that has never been part of my life. This type of man keeps himself alive through fantasy because most likely his life without his imaginary mistress is too unbearable. He will put a lot of effort and time into his email affair, and he expects the same in return. But who has time for this shit? He’s expecting you to nurture his fantasies meanwhile you will most likely not ever see him again and some other chick most likely his wife will benefit from the invigorating email conversations you provide. Not to mention she will continue to cash in while you don’t even get the slightest reimbursement for the time and effort to answer his cheesy, delusional emails.
If you identify this type of fish on your hook or better said in your inbox run as fast as you can or better said block the sucker. You are not responsible for his existing life, the choices he made that put him into this misery, nor do you owe him any sensual entertainment just because he’s lonely, unless of course, he wants to reimburse you financially for your time writing to him. This type of position might work if you’re currently out of work but if you have a life and things to do don’t waste a second on this sexual deprived whiner. Send him to the strip club instead. We will take care of his sorry ass if he pays for our time to keep him alive and going.

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